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Pergunta feita para Concierge...6 de abril de 2009

What would you do if, on a product release day, 5 people were yelling at you, and trying to get your attention, all at once?

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Remind calm, ask them if they can wait just for a bit til you finished doing business with the customer. One by one helping them out and understand taking time and patience. learning their time very valuable that I take this seriously to make sure everyone gets out calmly and happy. Menos

Remain steady and focus, remind them all they will be taken care of in an orderly fashion. Kindly you state you are one person and can only take one person at a time and to please be patient Menos

Take it one person at a time. Acknowledge all of the customers and assure them that you'll be right with them. Menos

Classic Concierge

How long do you intend to stay with the company?

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At least a year.

You are so right they make promises they cannot keep

Stay away from this company they pay there employees 7.5 hr when that is wrong they have been cheating there concierge out of pay since 2013. Menos


What's your favorite thing about an angry customer?

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Watching them walk out of the store with a smile!

The favourite thing would be that he will also upset his family and friends on the same day like how he upset me. Menos

Brand Connections

What do you consider to be excellent service?

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I consider excellent service when one goes out of her way to help out a guest who needs help with an item that is not related to what I am 'selling'. Menos

I consider excellent service as when a customer leavers your store with an in depth knowledge of your product and wanting to return again for future business. Menos


Questions about Hyatt

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GUPOT, LEAD, stuff like that.

Did they drug test you for weed to be in the concierge position?

Four Seasons

Describe a time when you made a mistake and how you handled it.

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Mistakes happens. It’s how you conduct yourself that matters. For example a guest asked me to buy a few items at the supermarket. One of the items was the wrong one. In luxury service what I did was once . When we find out the item was the wrong one I radio the valet to go buy the correct item while I was helping them unload the items. At the end ,the resident didn’t have to wait and was very appreciate tive on how fast and * *NSYNC The team was. I removed the wrong item and ask them if they need it anything else. They said they done at the moment and thank you so much for your assistance. Fast actions is SERVICE. Menos

I described a mistake I made when making a sale and described how I fixed the mistake without inconveniencing the guest. Menos

Waldorf Astoria

Tell me about yourself

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I'm suresh from Nepal I have 6yr experience in pastry Helper. I'm looking for a assistant pastry. N I have a good knowledge for this field n kitchen Menos

Brand Connections

do you have experience in sales

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Yes, I worked for Saks Fifth Avenue for almost 10 years. 71/2 years in the store selling ready to wear , evening dresses, gifts and contemporary sportswear. I was assistant manager of Cosmetics for two years. I worked in the Women's Fragrance and Cosmetic Accessories Buying Office for two and a half years as a customer service specialist. Menos


Describe your meaning of sales?

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Sales is the process of identifying the needs or problems of a customer and then providing the solution. Menos

Sales is a skill that is performed to persuade a customer to purchase merchandise that they want or need by identifying what is beneficial to them through probing and building rapport. Menos

Sunrise Services

How told you handle an angry resident

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I said take time to listen to them

With extreme care, I listen, if I can help, first I check with supervisor. If I can't, I refuse to lie to coddle or insult someone's intelligence, my grandmother died from Alzheimer's (I was her caretaker) Sometimes you have to play it by ear. Menos

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