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Pergunta feita para Technical Account Manager/Associate Consultant...10 de novembro de 2012

I have ping pong balls that I want to ship across the ocean in a freight ship. How many can you fit?

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- What is the shape of the ping pong balls? The shape of a ball is a ball, man =) It's better if you find the answers by yourself on this questions. The key element they want to know is how can you think and look for the answers in the world around you. You should better predict all measurable values, than ask about them Menos

and predict doesn't mean you just say ....hmm let it be 22. No. You should say that you saw a stap on one of balls with it's mass equal to 1g. And you saw a picture with a cargo ship near a man in dock so it's like 10 floor building and each floor is 3m calculate Menos

Make sure to ask clarifying questions. - How big are the ping pong balls? - What are the dimensions of the ship? - What is the shape of the ping pong balls? Menos

Wealth Wizards

I did not find any of the questions difficult, however there was a lot of focus on the fact that I had children. The recruiter even said that this was a worry for them as it could mean I'm not able to fully commit (this almost made me turn down the job offer).

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I'm sorry to hear that the interview process with the recruiter in 2016 focused on the fact you had children. We have a number of our colleagues who have children and we actively encourage and promote a work/life balance. I trust you have had a positive experience since you have been with us and that any initial concerns you may have had have not borne fruit. Menos

Lynn - thanks for your response. I have had no concerns since joining and Wealth Wizards are very accommodating when it comes to work life balance. I'm not sure why it was ever brought up in the interview process! Menos

Buckhead Business Consultants

Are you willing to relocate to the Atlanta area?

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I answered yes. I had been job searching in the area for a while to relocate to the area. Menos


Questions were mainly revolving around the skills and experience required for the job. Additionally, there were also some behavioural questions.

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Thoroughly reading the job requirements and company website helped a lot while answering the questions Menos

Waypoint Consulting

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Integrated into a community, helping others

Baltimore Sun Media Group

What is your greatest weakness?

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I described a time that I needed to fine tune some skills and I discussed what I did to improve upon those skills. Menos

Baltimore Sun Media Group

Why do you feel that you would be the best candidate for this position?

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I talked about my prior experience with great enthusiasm, discussed challenges that I overcame or "our" team overcame. Great time to also ask questions and interview upper management, as well. Menos

Advanced Resource Managers (ARM)

what are 2 things which you rate about yourself.

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I work hard and learn fast.

Saxon Business Systems

I have a former employer who worked at your company, they where awesome and said great things about your company why do you want to leave? Why did you move here or there? Why did you study x instead of y? Why did you study at D instead A? Why have you not been promoted to a higher position at your current employer? Why are you interested in sales? Explain how will perform? Why do you not go work at z? Where else have you applied? Who else is interviewing you? Why do you think you will be successful?

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I answered the questions as candidly and truthfully as possible.


What are some areas of improvement?

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- I am a listener more than a speaker, and I work on this by having active participation in discussions. - Sales can be an emotional roller coaster. To get through, I hold myself accountable for all success and failures throughout the day/ week. After reflection, I am able to move accordingly the next time around. Menos

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