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Goldman Sachs
Pergunta feita para Strategist, Credit Flow Desk...14 de março de 2014

Consider a random walk on a graph in the shape of the capital letter Y, with nodes at A and B at the top, C at the bottom, and O in the center. With probability 1/3, there is a transition from O to A, B, or C that takes 1 time unit to complete. Find the expected time to get to C, starting at A.

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All branches go to O with prob 1. So Ec_a = 1 + 1/3 + 2/3Ec_c since the time from b to a is the same by symmetry. Solving we have Ec_a = 4 Menos

I thought this was a geometric series question and came up with the answer of 2, which was clearly wrong. The interviewer tried to help me out, but he and I were using different notation, which we only discovered after 10 minutes of very confusing discussion, in which we both probably thought the other was either insane or stupid. He kept prodding me to "use the symmetry of the situation" (i.e., A and B are basically the same thing), but I wasn't able to see how the symmetry translated into a mathematical result. We moved on without discovering the answer. Menos

if no probability is associated with A to O (A to O is a certain thing to happen) then it would be 1+ 1*(1/3) = 4/3. correct me if im wrong Menos

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Condé Nast

What will you do if you get offered an amazing opportunity elsewhere that pays more once you have started here?

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I would return the question, what would you do if after hiring me you found an amazing candidate that would work twice like me and ask for half as much? Menos

There's monetary income and there's psychological income. Very often, the first will satisfy on the short term, but the second carries on for the long term. A good working environment, an exciting and intellectually stimulating job, and a package of good benefits go a long way in making an employee happy. Menos

There are many factors to be considered before deciding to move to another workplace, once I have started working at a specific company. They include, but are not limited to employee treatment, company's short term and long term goals, company's social o community policies, opportunities for employees' growth and job stability. A temporary or apparent advantageous opportunity elsewhere might not seem so brilliant if we analyse of these factors. So, I would stay with the company that provides the best working environment, fair compensation and opportunities to grow, as well as a philosophical approach to society as a whole and the community around it that is beneficial and positive. Menos

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Credit decision making

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Good company

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Describe securitization in brief

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The process of selling your asset pool to a buyer by structuring it as securities. Menos

prevents unauthorized access. Guarantee for returns.

securitization means that company sell his asset portfolio to other company is known as securitization Menos

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First PREMIER Bank and PREMIER Bankcard

Sell me this pen.? Past experience..

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Good afternoon my name Is Debbie how are you doing today? May I ask your name ? Hello Jane, I see you were just recently using a pen to sign a paper and I want to share something with you I have something I want you to try out and see if you like it it's a pen that won't get in collar your hands at while stop writing it's fabulous and I just want you to try it can you try it and see what you think of it then isn't that a great pen and jute I think it's so smooth today I am I have these pens and I just wanna to let you try and see if your intrested in in this pen because I could I could get you this 10 and a really add a really good cost it would save you so much on all the other pens that you might buy would you like to buy this pen Menos

Buy this

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Goldman Sachs

what's the degree angle between the hour and minute hand at 3:15?

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7.5 degrees is the right answer

Great question

5 degrees

Goldman Sachs

"Company A with a market cap of $25B announces a $5B stock buy-back program. How would the CDS on Company A react?"

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Is this correct? A stock buyback with reduce cash and equity, which increase the leverage ratio. That would increase the CDS spread. Menos

Yorkville seems right. Leverage goes up and there is less cash now. Higher risk of default leads to higher risk premium --> higher cds spread Menos



If a company agrees to purchase a service from your company next year, how would you book the accounting transaction?

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Debit cash or AR then credit Unearned Revenue as a liability.

You wouldn't record anything because a promise isn't worth anything unlease one side completes their side of the agreement. In this example if the company were to give you a payment for a service next year then then you would book it as an unearned revenue under liabilities while the customer records it as a prepaid expense under assets Menos

Having taken 2 basic accounting classes as an undergrad 6 years prior to the interview, I didn't really remember how to answer this question correctly. I assume this is the reason the interview process stopped after the phone interview. Menos

Kotak Mahindra

Why do you want to be in sales? What makes you think you are fit for sales job? Why home loans/credit cards?

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because I am working with HDB Financial SERVICES Ltd as sales manager in loan department . Actually I have 6 year experience .So i want job with kotak bank Menos

I know that about sales

Sales is a prerequisite for marketing


salary you are expecting?

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no value given to your expectations. The question asked just for the sake

How is the work culture in tanfeeth

I am from india I have been shortlisted in tanfeeth for the credit underwriting , can you please let me know what is the average salary per month Menos

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