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Spartans AI
Pergunta feita para Junior Node Js Developer...24 de outubro de 2020

When and why did you decide to apply for the job at this particular firm?

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I've heard about the company a few months ago and I loved their work, but I wasn't able to pursue a job at the time. But later on, when I started applying for jobs I remembered them and was glad to apply. Menos


Tell me about yourself that are not written in your resume

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I answer by telling them what I do most in freetime, What's my method of studying Menos


What are the differences between Class components and Functional components in React? When do you use them?

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Functional components are basic JavaScript functions. These are typically arrow functions but can also be created with the regular function keyword.Sometimes referred to as “dumb” or “stateless” components as they simply accept data and display them in some form; that is they are mainly responsible for rendering UI. React lifecycle methods (for example, componentDidMount) cannot be used in functional components. There is no render method used in functional components. Class components make use of ES6 class and extend the Component class in React. Sometimes called “smart” or “stateful” components as they tend to implement logic and state. React lifecycle methods can be used inside class components (for example, componentDidMount). You pass props down to class components and access them with this.props Menos


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(During the second interview) The first function I was asked to write simply had to change a large amount of data contained in a string (but written in a JS object format) into a JS object.


What was the hardest feature to implement in your last project?

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Quais sao os seus hobbies?

Tafsol Technologies

What is event emitter in node js

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