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Perguntas de entrevista de Development manager


Perguntas de entrevista para o cargo de development manager compartilhadas pelos candidatos

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Technical Questions mostly, also a language tests and a 1:1 interview with my former analyst leader

What do Paymentwall do? Do you know our competitors? What product do you thing that works best? (Most of the questions are not about your background, but about what you know about them).

- my professional moment - my habilities as commercial - my previous experience in sales - role play - Why I'm searching for new challenges

Tell me about a time when you need to sacrifice short term gains to get better gain in a long term. Tell me about when you have a divergence with you superior and how do you solve this.

Como eu me via na posição ? Porque eu me achava melhor que os outros candidatos ?

Here the most used questions ( The key to succeed is to understand each principle, separate examples then, train with the questions. Unfortunately, the Hiring Manager was busy then the human resource asks for another person in HQ to do the interview. Pay attention to share a more flexible agenda for the interviews. I had a lot of appointments and I was a little bit restricted. I'm from Brazil and the interviewer the call quality was not fine, so much noise and delay. It keeps failing, the interviewer connects almost 4 times during the whole interview. By the end, the English-Indian accent of the interviewer and all those difficulties makes things really difficult, not the principles at all, because I had all examples, cases, and ways to demonstrate. Despite I can talk in English well, all these things together made me fail. More 6 months, and I'll try it again. :(

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