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Pergunta feita para Supply Chain Project Manager...22 de maio de 2017

I was provided two supply chain case studies during the interview.

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If I were you I’d hire me. Newburyport, MA 01950 Remote work from home

I’d hire me.


Selon vous, qui sont nos concurrents ?

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Sandro, maje, zadig et Voltaire


Standard interview questions starting with ‘Tell me about yourself’ to more technical ones like ‘Tell me about a time you had to conduct a cost analysis? What methods did you use? How did you account for variances or gaps in data? Etc.’.

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Use STAR format and back up answers / examples with data.

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How do you think you're prior experience could help you in this position?

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I am used championing projects and being the glue between several offices, squadrons, and bases in order to get things moved along. Even if I don't know all the details, I don't have a problem with asking for help in order to learn and expedite things in the future. Menos

James Hardie Building Products

Tell us about a time where you had to modify Key Performance Indicators to better illustrate underlying performance.

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I had some start-up experience, so my answer was fairly straightforward and related to moving from achieving start-up goals to measuring process performance. Menos

Arctic Express

This is not one of their questions but just advice - At this level you should know what they will ask. If you are going to take the job, be mindful of quick changes. I had this job for 6 months before they just said, no you are not needed anymore. I would not go here again - only if needing money quickly. Take the job, but keep searching is my advice. Director of Supply Chain.

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This is not the answer to the question - just more talking points. Regular turnover at this job - makes you ask why? Drivers do hard work 10-12 hours a day for 50k a year or less. Taken advantage of and thrown out when needed. Lack of documented processes and who is responsible for what. Menos

Mostly around ex job roles

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I feel average. Didn't got enough time to answer.


What do you think you can bring to Merck?

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My leadership and management experience of 29 years in the military supporting global logistics. Menos

Transportation Insight

Tell me about a time that you had to deliver bad news to a customer.

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One often has to deliver the bad news about a situation that has had less than optimal results. The best way to handle it is to be transparent about the situation so there are no further surprises. Bad news happens, but it is how we handle it that matters. Menos

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