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British Gas
Pergunta feita para Smart Energy Expert (Meter Engineer)...8 de agosto de 2014

If you were able to, would you cut corners to get things done quicker?

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Cutting corners will show you will not carry out the company procedure's which could lead to issues due to steps not being carried out that's required. Menos

Hard to answer without sounding lazy! Caught me out a bit. Remember they want customer service skills & people who understand safety first principals for these types of jobs. Menos

Graphet Inc

"How long do you think it would take for you to learn everything?"

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One is never done learning.... just make sure you have "hard" engineering experience. Menos

British Gas

How do you deal with change?

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Tell me something that made you proud in your life?

Edison Energy

Difference between kW and kWh

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Explaining retro-commissioning and give examples

Process Systems Enterprise (PSE)

Tell my about your experience?

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Just commented on my experience.


Why did you choose ATKINS?

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hey what type of 1st and second year principles did they test? regards,


Describe one time you found an inovative solution

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I described one of my projects of my Msc.


What is your 5-year plan?

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In 5 years I would to work towards becoming a chartered engineer


Please tell us why you are applying for this role and how you feel your skills are relevant.

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Could you add some more information about the technical exercise of the assessment centre? Menos


Efficiency of a CHP plant and how it works?

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60-80%. Combustion of fuel to power a turbine that produces electricity, while heat from flue gases are transferred to heat recovery unit to raise temp of water Menos

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