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Hofstra University
Pergunta feita para M A Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program...12 de abril de 2021

What do you know about I/O?

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Told them about the different courses I took and the theories I knew

Compal Electronics

The mainly interview questions are around my career plan, because they are looking for employees who might work stable and won't change jobs frequently.

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This is my first job after i graduated, so I told them that I would take it as a challenge and I won't change my job for no serious problem on my first job. Menos

Rothschild & Co

I had to say if Rothschild was more similar to Credit Suisse or to a consultancy firm, whose name was not familiar to me.. I tried to invent, and managed to cope with the challenge

Rothschild & Co

they ask me the best multiples for evaluate different kind of company

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