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Pergunta feita para Developer...29 de junho de 2020

Task completion

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I prepared the basic verion of the solution, without the bonus subtasks as I currently have a job and didn't have enough free time. I also didn't want to spend a week on writing code that would then get deleted after the recruitment so I asked the recruiter for a more ambitious task which would solve a current problem the company was facing, hoping for them to also use the solution. I continued working on the given task though and sent it back after a week but got a rude response from the recruiter that due to my "lack of enthusiasm" they will no longer be interested in hiring me. So basically they made me waste a week of my life and then threw a hissy fit, showing absolutely no respect for candidate's time, efforts and ambitions. Menos

Dear candidate, Thank you for your review. We are sorry the test did not correspond to your expectations. It is fair to say you had been informed by the hiring agency that a test task would be required during the recruitment process. It is an important step and it cannot be skipped or submitted incomplete, because it allows us to assess the candidate’s seniority, especially if his or her profile appears junior. We understand your motivation to work on a piece of code that would be actually put into use, however, the design of the task is intentionally standardized, so that we can weigh the candidate’s approach against the solutions of other seniors. That being said, motivation to work for the company you have selected to apply for should also be apparent from the approach towards the task and the hiring proces in general. Of course, you will understand that we reserve the right to choose the best candidate, taking into account their work ethic. We wish you all the best for your future endeavours! Menos


How do websites work, how user interacts with server from his browser.

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Told about web-servers (nginx, Apache, etc), HTTP/HTTPS protocols, web-browsers, front-end/back-end and so on. Menos


1. Order a string array. 2. Invert order of a string array. 3. Differences between SQL join types.

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Array.Sort(). Array.Revert(). Explained join types.


What is the difference between an interface and an abstract class

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Interface can only define Functinality whereas Abstract class can create the Common Functionality. Interface cannot inherit another interface wheras Abstract class can inherit another Abstract class or interface. Menos


Only couple hours to resolve task, which, by their own words "almost impossible to resolve for given time". Why are they giving such task?

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Didn't answer.

Nous Infosystems

what are design patterns?

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what is the latest features available in c sharp 7.1?


where to use run time polymorphism? what is the difference between abstract and interface class? sql quaries? you should know your project well. database ,index,normalization etc...

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it is quite difficult to answer the technical question on the telephone but I managed to it. and clear the technical round. Menos


I was asked to create a database schema: Movies, Movie formats, Orders, Customers, Inventory. To write some SQL queries.

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They need the show, make sure they like you, skills are not important. Talk more. When it comes to technical side, I said that we'll have many-to-many relationship between Movies and MovieFortmats table thru junction table. They agreed, but later they recommended me to reference the junction table (!!!) from Inventory. It's a very bad practice, I mentioned that, but they have insisted on that. If you want them to like you, make sure you agreed to all decisions they made. It seems like they were VERY unprofessional. Be careful with this company. Menos


Write a Program to check whether a number is palindrome?

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Console.WriteLine("Palindrome Test"); Console.WriteLine("***************"); Console.WriteLine("Enter the Input to be checked:"); //get the input string string strInput = Console.ReadLine(); // get the length int nLen = strInput.Length; // get the characters from string char[] cInput = new char[nLen]; cInput = strInput.ToCharArray(); //Variable to check aplindrome or not bool bIsPalindrome = false; //counter to count from last int j = nLen; for (int i = 0; i < nLen / 2; i++) { j--; //complare characters if (cInput[i] == cInput[j]) bIsPalindrome = true; else { //if one match fails, it not palindrome. break the loop. bIsPalindrome = false; break; } } if (bIsPalindrome) Console.WriteLine("Given string Is Palindrome"); else Console.WriteLine("given string is not palindrome"); Menos


what is the difference between List and ArrayList?

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The list is an interface. ArrayList is a class

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