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Given a file that represent a graph, write an algorithm that compute the number of triangles in the graph.

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I didn't finished this one.

What about running BFS and check how many edges connect nodes on the same level.

What about running a DFS on every node looking for an egde that connects to the original vertex in the third depth? Running time would be O (n2 + nm) )

He asked the best way to store boolean values on memory. I said an array but he wanted more, so in the end I said BinaryVector class. He asked why a binary vector is a better option but I couldn't answer that. I told him that I don't know the internal implementation.

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Java: How does a static affects your code? What does final do to a variable? What means when a method is declared final? What´s the difference between interface and abstract? How do you make a multiple inheritance in Java? WebDriver: How would you find an element that has a certain text inside a table, in a unknown position? What´s the Seleniu API that gets all tables in a row? What´s the difference between explicit and implicit wait? How does Selenium interact with a download/print dialog? Which are the element locators? What´s the fastest? Wjhat´s the slowest?

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Given a maze, represented as a matrix, and the initial and final points write an algorithm to solve this.

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How to save resources' IDs used by an activity and access them in O(1), assuming there could be an infinite number of resources?

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Introduction question on java and c++

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Write a function named 'Once' which accept another function 'sum' ( function sum(a,b){return a+b;}) and return a function and when this returned function called, it should return result of 'sum' (i.e a+b ) passed to 'Once' function. And every time it should return same result that got at first call .

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Write an algorithm to verify if a tree is a binary search tree

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Como é seu trabalho atual

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Just asked what i have worked on.

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