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Pergunta feita para Entry Level Data Scientist...14 de agosto de 2020

Tell me about yourself and your experience

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Hi, could you share more about the two coding questions? Were they multiple choices focused on concepts or you actually were asked to code? What did you do for the SQL question? I have a coding assessment coming up soon! Your answer would be very appreciated!!! Best! Menos

Hi, Were you contacted for an interview after completing the coding assessment? Menos

On the assessment I had to complete two coding questions. One was using sql and the other was a coding language of your choice. I was then asked to interview with the recruiter and after that someone in the senior level position. Menos

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What is p-value, CI

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Google it. It's basic statistics but this is not a good place to explain it. If you've never heard of it, even applying for entry level data scientist is out of the question. Menos

What is the correct source to read about this?

Did they have numerical problems as well? based on probability, etc.


How to deal with outlier value?

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Use median instead of mean

Increase sample size and/or eliminate the outlier value from the model.


How to prevent over-fitting?

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1) get more training data 2) using weight decay to limit capacity of the model 3) using early-stopping 4) using cross-validation 5) average many different models 6) drop-out Menos

Regularization, test out of sample

Electronic Arts

general machine learning questions one algorithm question found in leetcode

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Why did you decline the offer? Was there an issue?

Mu Sigma

Questions about my past and present projects.

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Gave an overview focusing on challenges faced and how I overcame them.


I haven't come to interview part.

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was this for the coding assessment: IBM NA Data Science (EPH 2020-2021)? and did you have multiple choice questions? Menos


Just Online assessment. Game based cognitive assessment is very interesting and easy. For coding challenge, 1 sql and 1 project for 3 hours.

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Can you tell us more about the challenges?


What's the difference between R and Python

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R is a functional language often used by scientists and statisticians. Python is an object oriented language often used by data scientists, but also web developers and engineers. Menos


How would you sell our IBM GBS services to a client? Tell me about an experience outside of school or work and how you can apply what you learned to working @ IBM.

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relatedness ? u mean correlation?

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