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Perguntas de entrevista de Fellow associate


Perguntas de entrevista para o cargo de fellow associate compartilhadas pelos candidatos

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1)Tell me about your contributions in these articles published? 2) Your skills can contribute with my research in what ways?

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1) In this article my contribution was the statistical analysis and these other with microscopy experiments 2) I saw in your latest publication there is a new technique for assessing cellular morphology in 3D using a transient cloning containing a GFP binding (Green Fluorescent Protein) and I have these qualificações.

How did I analysed the phosphoproteome of the parasites in one of my previous projects

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Why I wanted that postdoctoral position; Why I was leaving Brazil; What was my main project title? What were my main objectives; I needed to tell about my background an then interests and hobbies.

Tell me about a time when you had to lead a team through a difficult situation.

Qual o tamanho (R$) dos projetos, área e/ou portfólio que você gerencia atualmente?

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