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Pergunta feita para Assistant Feature Film Editor - Final Cut Pro...16 de junho de 2010

How well do you know ProRes 422?

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Learn about Final Cut pro's High def cutting formats.


Can you bring your own laptop to cut with?

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How much are you paying per week to rent my laptop?

Islam Channel

- Why do you want to work for us? - Have you worked in team before? if yes, can you describe your previous experience?

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Anything I can work for you to serve the community would be a previlage...... I am from travel background live in India posses good communication skill, presentable technically sound and always want to work with people with good cause I have always worked in a team with utmost dedication and honesty, I am married with 2 kids and have visited UK in 2018 Alhamdulillah, let me know if i fit in any of the positions in your organization Menos

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