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Perguntas de entrevista de Flight attendant


Perguntas de entrevista para o cargo de flight attendant compartilhadas pelos candidatos

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6 Questions. Can't remember them all verbatim but this is the gist: 1. Describe your ideal job. 2. Tell us about yourself. What makes you a good candidate? 3. What is superior customer service? 4. Tell about a time you went above and beyond for a customer. 5. How do customers and coworkers perceive you? 6. Anything else you want us to know about you?

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I have yet to hear from them since I just interviewed yesterday. If I am offered an interview, I will come back and give some of my answers.

have you heard anything yet?

No word. It's been a week so I'm assuming that it's a "No." Airline security is striking in some parts of the US. That could have something to do with it but I doubt it. I didn't feel very confident in my interview. Will be sure to come back and report either way though. By the way, Delta is hiring. :-)

What I would do if I observed a co-worker stealing?

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Fill out questionnaire

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Describe a time when teamwork in the workplace was necessary and what was the outcome.

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Have not done interview I am preparing my answers so that I can effectively complete the Video Interview. I also found it helpful to join the Facebook flight attendants page for questions about the company!

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How do customers and co-workers perceive you?

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biggest work related accomplishment

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Describe a time you provided over and beyond customer service

what are some of the core values that represent you and how does thismake you a good fit for the role

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