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EMD Serono
Pergunta feita para Quality Assurance Manager...3 de junho de 2011

Do you write poetry? (this was for a QA position)

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wow !! u r lucky fellow .to get this question :)

Please share few questions ,frequently asked in Canada for Quality assurance, i just want to know the template. Menos

I have written poetry for school and I did some writing on my own in university. I have more recently written haiku's and limericks. I get this creativity from my father who is constanly writing poetry. Menos

PDR Network

What is the standard bit encryption used on US based Websites.

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128-bit encrytion

Who cares? OK - I didn't really say that, but I wanted to. A QA Manager doesn't need to know standard encryption is 64 bit. Menos

TriGeo Network Security

How would you slice a cake with 3 slices to get 8 pieces.

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cut cake horizontally 1 time and vertical 2 times.


Using a language of your preference, parse a log file for a key phrase occurring withing a certain date range and redirect the output to a separate file.

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I used perl. The person told me I didn't have it quite right because I hadn't taken into account that there might be white space around the key phrase Menos

### Python code ### Assuming the file is not very large, but has a variation in date/timestamp import re fhandle = open("./data.txt", "r") data = # Date range is 15 through 17 lst = re.findall(".*1[5-7]/Sep/2016:00:05:.*", data) datelines = "\n".join(lst) # search for some string like 200 2 23 lines = re.findall(".* 200 2 23", datelines) print(lines) Menos

Invensis Technologies Pvt
Pergunta feita para QA Manager...12 de novembro de 2013

I work for product base company & HR(from Chennai) asked me how can you work on only 1 product for 3 years? What is the need of testing one product for so many years?

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Testing a product is never complete, especially if the product is used by a large number of clients. There will be demand for new enhancements or bug fixes and to implement those we need to perform testing on a continuing basis. And by the way what does a HR know about testing?:) Menos

Absolutely Correct! IT HR should be trained so that they don't ask such pathetic question & reject any candidate in HR round. Menos


Did you invent any new QA process? tell me about it

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Rocksauce Studios

At what point in the origination of a new project is it important to include Quality Assurance?

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At the first meeting with stakeholders because QA engineers work on the project together with other team members (product owner, project manager, business analyst, and dev lead) throughout the software development cycle. QA will need to be aware of the requirements so that they accurately plan their tests. Menos

At the first technical meeting. As a member of the process, QA help prevents serious issues during the project. Menos

Questar Assessment

Let's say you work for me for one year, then quit. Why?

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Because I felt I wasn't meeting your expectations.

Because I'm as diligent about selecting an employer as I hope they are prior to selecting me as an employee, the only reason I typically leave a company is when–whatever the cause–I recognize the inability to grow and increase my contributions to the team. Menos

Huawei Technologies

Introduce my self and why field related question .. what are the layers of osi model

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I introduced my self and named The seven layers of osi reference model

1. Physical Layer 2. Datalink Layer 3. Network Layer 4. Transport layer 5. session layer 6. Presentation Layer 7. Application Layer Menos

HR Partners (Singapore)

The most difficult question is related to salary expectation and other benefit, especially when we look for future opportunity.

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Always mentioned shoul be better from what I get right now

rebuild company,hard work,database,conections,team work,will be sucess

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