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Express Vending
Pergunta feita para Sales and Marketing Graduate...7 de março de 2018

Why did you go to private school?

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I too was interrogated as to why I went to a private school and was asked to go back for yet another final interview after the 'final' one, and my interviewer too liked the sound of his voice. It was such a mess! Such a negative experience, all the candidates at that assessment day weren't given the opportunity to showcase their true skills. The whole management team don't even know themselves what they are looking for. Overall, I agree with everything you have said! Onwards and upwards, we're better than Express Vending! Menos

Thanks for replying - Makes me feel better knowing I wasn't the only one feeling this way! Like you said - onwards and upwards! I think we may have dodged a bullet there! Menos

Yes! In regards to Katie's reply on this comment, she notes that "feedback is offered to all", however, during the assessment day, when Kate was ready to call the names out of those who were through to the next round, she did mention before "We are unable to provide feedback to each and every one of you who have been unsuccessful", I remember this so clearly as I was shocked.. So, really, Katie is now lying..... Menos


With which RB value do you identify the most? Can you give an example of when you showed this value?

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RB values: responsibility, results, ownership, entrepreneurship, team work

Sales marketing job


Incudled a 5 minute presentation and competency based questions

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GoldIcon Enterprise

What separates you from everyone else? What motivates you? What level of progression are you looking for?

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I have several years of experience and currently graduated from university looking for my career within this sector.I want to build my own business and create something for also other to progress too. Menos


Where do I see myself in 3,6,9 and 12 months time? How would you achieve this?

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What are your 10 greatest strengths and when did you previously show them?


Role needing to fill/why Bamboosh need more managers

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What is allowing Bamboosh to grow as a company?


What are the 8 most successful habits of successful people?

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Define an amateur and a professional and the biggest difference between the two.

Concilio Solutions

"What would happen if you just quit your job tomorrow? Like, the analogy I like to make is...say you're in a relationship...who's the celebrity you would most like to marry?...ok, well...the relationship isn't going anywhere and then your favourite celebrity comes along and you get the chance to get with them! Do you stay in the bad relationship, or do you move on? You see, sometimes ships sail..."

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Seems like we both had a lucky escape. I had the 2nd interview/observation day arranged. But was overlooked at the meet point. Probably quite lucky as I passed one of the stands they were on and avoided like the plague so I wasn't pestered!! Menos

Blue Custard

my goals in life

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i spoke the truth

NXT Wave

What are you looking for in a company?

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Growth, progression and company culture.

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