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Dell Technologies
Pergunta feita para Graduate Technical Sales Representative...18 de junho de 2018

Which would be more important to you: reaching your target or giving high customer service?

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Customer service is more important

Would you be able to elaborate on the group activity , role play and Interview? Such as what was required and how you completed each part? Thanks Menos


What is the biggest challenged you faced before?

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I taked about a challenging situation at work.


Think of a time you influenced people to do something they didn't want to do

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Think of a time that you overcame a challenge


Can you handle pressure

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No Job doesnt have pressure and pressure is necessary for someone to grow.


What is your knowledge of company's products? Who may be our clients?

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I stuedid the website beforehand. The recruiter asks about every product in detail, so you have to be prepared. Menos


Did you meet your targets before? What was you reaction when you didn't?

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I talked about my ways to understand what was the problem about not hitting the targets, Menos

Global App Testing

Please tell us about yourself

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No matter how you answered, this is timed you have to sell yourself in 5 minutes


Why do you think you would be good at sales?


Why do you want to work here? Why did you decided to study X at X? Explain the business model


Why do you want to work in sales?

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