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Pergunta feita para Hydraulic Fracture Engineer...6 de setembro de 2019

Basic personality questions, do you want to be a Fracture or cement engineer

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I answered their questions truthfully


Me: I did supplier management, including lot number tracking in a big spreadsheet and manufacturing logbook review. Them: Well, we do a lot of work that might seem tedious, how do you think you would handle that? Me: Well, I developed the spreadsheet.

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Again, I cannot commend the engineers here too highly for their honesty. They were extremely candid in helping me evaluate how excited I was going to be about the job. Menos


Why do you want this job? What is your biggest weakness?

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What kind of salary do you need?

Indiana Department of Natural Resources

The majority of the questions were technical in nature. Primarily they were looking to see if you were familiar with the permits and forms you would be reviewing.

Clean Water Services

What you would do if you feel you cannot meet a deadline?


1- Questions about how I operate and my ideas about the building services. 2- General technical questions


Question were a mix of technical between non-technical.


Can you describe this hydraulic schematic?


Describe your experience working with FEA tools: Have you applied six Sigma tools on a project before and how?

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