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Pergunta feita para Instrument and Controls Technician...20 de maio de 2022

How do I approach a job

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I usually take an analytical approach and dont rush, however I go through what process I need to mobilize for the job with regards to documentation and tools needed. Menos

Texas Instruments

Which instrument you prefer on trip.

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Cadent Gas

Puwer, lower, Electricity at work act.


How would you go about fault fing a faulty magflow?


Give an example of a time you and another manager didn't see eye to eye and what you did to resolve the issue.


Q: How would your education help you in this position?

Rand Water

the asked technical question HR question and mind testing question

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i always try to answer to the best of my ability depending on what a person wants Menos

CF Industries

Previous job experience and relevant information

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Spoke about what my responsibilities were and how that made me an asset as an instrument tech Menos

Certified Laboratories

asked about my lab experience, if I can work in a fast paced environment, if I’m good at managing time, what my career goals are

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