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Pergunta feita para Internal Communications...9 de novembro de 2015

Can you explain a time when you encountered a moral conflict at work?

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When a customer start shouting at you

Any time...

No problum wet..any time master....

Cinch Home Services

What makes you a good fit for this position creatively?

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I believe I'm a candidate for this job position due to life changes in my life which require me to be close to home also I'm extremely disciplined individual, working from home would be a very nice needed change for myself and my family. Menos

I believe I'm a candidate for this job position due to life changes in my life which require me to be close to home also I'm extremely disciplined individual, working from home would be a very nice needed change for myself and my family. Menos

Girteka Logistics

Would you propose a solution to a real life internal communications case for our company?

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yes, and I delivered a power-point presentation of my proposal within one day when given a one week time. Menos

Prasarana Malaysia Berhad

Willing to accept even if the position offered lower from experience, academic achievements and previous higher position.

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Depending on situation (beggars can choose)


What do you know about our company?

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What do you like to do in your free time?

Bentley Motors

Standard tell me a little about yourself, then went into about 9 or 10 competency style questions that seem to be standard in recruitment for large companies. I found some of the wording of the questions unnecessarily complex, the interviewer was using a script of HR questions so not her fault, but questions could have definitely been simplified. An example of one question, tell me about a time you used your problem solving skills.

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I used a past work example relating to a time at work where I had little training and had to consult with technicians. Menos


Give us an example of when you came into conflict with someone and how did you resolve it?

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While attending Lismore police station for information about the death of my son it has been the worst experience apart from loosing Adam, bullied intimidated threatened disrespect for my son who was a organ donor but that chance could have been taken away from the 4 people that received a transplant because of police negligence. the list of police involved is long and the level of disrespect gets worse the higher the rank is. We were not notified of the accident for 13 hours, it's not that we could not be found, it' because no one bothered, but it was okay for the police to tell the media before we found out, nearly 15 hours they could not tell us what hospital he was in because they did not know, thankfully after 18 hours we got to see him. We live less than one hour from the accident site and a bit over 2 hours to the hospital he was in. The sergeant at Kyogle said whats the problem you got to see him in 18 hours, Adam died from brain swelling, every minute of the 18 hours his brain was swelling, i said it would have easier on his mother to see him in a reasonable time while she could still recognize him. Their are some awful comments i have received over the last 14 months, all from police, his employer members of my family and total strangers.,BUT NOT ONE ANSWER FROM THE NSW POLICE FORCE. sick of typing. David Morrison, 0428322172 Menos

Orange County Register

Tell me about your management experience.

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I don't have any.

Network Rail

What do you believe is the most important aspect of working at Network Rail? A:Many people at Network Rail work in an extremely dangerous environment, and customer safety is paramount - so people safety is everything!

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Describe a safety emergency/crisis situation at work and/or at home and what did you do? I gave two examples... One for work; after a phone threat to the organisation I applied the crisis management procedures that I'd helped to write, in an orderly fashion. We evacuated the building quickly, with no injuries. Personal example; when all the lights in our little village went out at 3am on a minus eight degree morning, I helped two of my elderly neighbours who I knew would be asleep, by waking them up (don't ask), and supplying torches/lamps, blankets, and mulled wine, just for a treat - it was Christmas Eve! I contacted the power company to alert them, and to suggest that a back up generator would be needed if the power could not be restored within two hours. Menos

CrossCountry Mortgage

There were no questions that were odd or out of the ordinary. Everyone was very professional and straight forward.

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