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Pergunta feita para Inventory Control Supervisor...30 de outubro de 2012

How would I change the departmental process to increase efficientcies.

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Be more on top of employee's activities and increase employee knowlege of products they are handling. Menos

The Bruce Company of Wisconsin

Assked about prior eauipment experience

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Explained background and experience

Ingram Micro

Describe what type of a manager you are?

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Both administrative and hands on. Hands on only as a as needed basis. Administrative so I can ensure the overall job is being monitored and adjusted as priorities change. Menos

Fallas Stores

How much do you expect to get paid?

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More than what I'm earning now hourly

DHL Supply Chain

What do you Currently do at your job

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Why do you want to work for DHL

Mud Pie

Tell me how you would handle an associate who is late a lot.

GENCO Distribution System

Standard questions "what are your strengths", "what are your weaknesses", etc...

Mondelēz International

Tell me of a time when you faced a difficult situation with a co-worker?

Taylor Corporation

Q: Tell me about your background in inventory management?


Why are you joining Uniqlo?

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