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Ananta Games
Pergunta feita para Junior Game Artist...29 de setembro de 2016

what is normal map.

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A normal map is main texture map which has fake lighting information and stores direction at each pixel. these direction are called normal. It creates the illusion of more surface detail or better curvature. Menos

Normal map are a type of bump map. Its use in 3D texture and


Stage 2 - Returned a week later after being asked to come back and meet the company owner. This time the interview was with VFX Director and Owner. With half an hour prep time, I was asked to draw items from a list I was given to represent qualities about myself to be presented to both the Owner and VFX Artist when they came to interview me.

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The drawings did not have to be amazing, but they needed explanation and very thorough explanation at that. The interview began similarly as the last one, going over CV and answering questions that seemed to be designed to 'trip a candidate up', asking questions such as 'Why is that your answer?' The interview with the Owner was very intense compared to the first. Justifying everything that was said in the interview is a defining feature of this second stage. Menos

Do you have any examples of the qualities they asked you to draw?

Pixelberry Studios

At the end I was offered an art test still.

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I said great, sure. A long awkward silence occurred after where I had to end the phone call due to it being that painful and awkward. Menos

I've been trying to contact the writing department about the off site writing position for at least a year. They haven't responded. Thank you for this review. Menos

MAP Systems

Which tools are you using for modeling

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I use 3dmax, maya, substance painter, etc


Why do you want to work in this country?

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I live here.


where do you live? what are your future prospects?

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I live in Iran


3 strengths

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3 weaknesses

Dovetail Games

What don't you like visually about our game?

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I was honest, maybe too honest.


how do you work what do you do . how to avoid problems

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i totally solve things with communication mostly

Will you be able to work weekends?

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This was not listed on the job posting.

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