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Checkpoint One Apparel
Pergunta feita para Junior Digital Marketing Coordinator...5 de julho de 2021

Tell me a little bit about yourself. And several follow-up questions about the companies I worked for and other volunteer experiences I have.

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I discussed a little bit about my studies in Sociology and Commerce, and my previous work experience as a customer success associate at a startup company. I also talked about my volunteer experiences for 2 non-profit organizations as a publishing associate, and a co-director of marketing, and a social media coordinator for another startup company. Menos

Checkpoint One Apparel

Tell me about a time when you had to handle workplace conflict/problem and how you resolved it.

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I talked about a time when I worked as a waitress at a Japanese restaurant when a customer was insisting on bringing home a bottle of unfinished alcohol. Under the restaurant policy, I couldn't let him do that, so I had to convince him to either finish the bottle in the restaurant or bring home a new unopened bottle. I described how I used empathy, maintained a professional attitude, and remained calm while the customer was a little intoxicated and was causing a commotion in the restaurant. Menos

A&A Marketing Group

Do you see yourself more behind a desk or out in the field?

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I said behind a desk because I'm more comfortable working on marketing strategies and focusing on what I got my degree in. Menos

Evolved Marketing Group

What are three qualities that you have that would separate you from the other candidates?

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Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?


What does RFP mean?

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I didn't know and felt very bad for not knowing. However, recruiter said that she didn't expect me to based on my experiences. Not sure how much that affected the decision, but it probably did a lot. I think they were looking for someone who had done the job before, and not just someone like me who had related skills but not that exact experience. Menos

Strategic Retail Partners

What kind of past experience do you have that will help you within this position?

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I referenced my past experience.

Crosstown Solutions

Do you have time to interview this week?

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Yes(they don't even carefully check your academic background, they don't listen to your introduction, they pretend they don't know the marketing profession term. They claim You need to come to office to talk to Hiring Manager. LOL Miss do you know what are you doing? Are you familiar with phone? Or you just want innocent people walk into your office?) Menos

Nation United

What are you good at?

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Mentioned all my strengths and examples of each

A&A Marketing Group

Where do you see yourself in three years?

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Managing projects.


Describe in two words who you are as a person

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I said resilient and passionate. Passionate to encompass how I love what I do and put that passion behind to work to do things to the best of my ability, and resilient to overcome the challenges I am faced regardless how hard they may be to overcome. Menos

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