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Pergunta feita para Junior Marketing Analyst...14 de novembro de 2016

(talk about yourself, start date, do you have any questions)

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Hey there! Could you please tell me more about the online test? (like what kind of questions were involved). I have to do the test soon myself. I will be indebted to you :) Menos

It was an Aptitude test, try to practice before taking the test. And some behavioral questions. Menos

So it was just basic math and logic? Thank you so much for taking the time out to answer :) Menos

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Dawson Marketing Concepts

What makes you right for this position?

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Anyone that does this job is a bigger loser than the idiots running the place

I want to learn the art of lies from Vincent Dawson and the Dawson Marketing Concepts Team. Menos

Everything stated here is true. The people that passionately continue to work for this scam company have low self esteem and want to be losers for the rest of their lives. Average person makes $30 for an 8 hour shift. LOSER NATION. Menos


excel question were very detailed and required time!

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I just went on with solving and was almost done right on time

Hey! Have you done the excel test? I have to do it as well, could you give me some tipps? would be great ( : Menos

How did you study for the excel test, because I have the same test on Monday. Regarding the case study, could you tell me more about it please Menos


What's something that someone has said about you that is untrue?

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This question is just to see how you react, rather than how you answer it. Still unsure of the right thing to say...? Menos

We actually talked about this in one of my career prep courses in college. You want to answer it in a way that makes you seem impressive. For example, while I was working in fast food, a girl who had been working there for a couple months had come up to me and told me she was initially scared of me because I gave off such an intensive vibe. She thought I would snap at her for merely asking for help. But in reality, I was just really focused on doing my job quickly and effectively that I seemed that way. Any time someone needed help, I'd gladly lend a hand. Menos

Canadian Comfort Home Services

They asked me about my availability

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As far as I understand they are only hiring for full time

Treehouse (Oregon)

Do you have any experience or familiarity with Treehouse's services?

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I had used Treehouse previously, and I talked about how that brought me to the job and why I admired the company. Menos

Quais são os principais recursos que você usa no Google Ads?

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Palavras chaves, estratégia de lance, orçamentos, remarketing, variação de públicos pra display, vídeos. Depende da estratégia que queremos abordar. Menos

Alpha Gamma Solutions

What would you say is your one weakness

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I am a perfectionist


Why are you good for this role?

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I didn't, I was very disappointed as it was sales based job not marketing in my eyes. therefore, I did not complete application. Menos

Ambitum Innovations

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

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Anywhere but here.

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