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Pergunta feita para Lead Human Resource Generalist Profile...26 de junho de 2012

y didn't you join IBM again ????

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as there is no requirement or no vacancy there and moreover now they will be hiring a recruiter on a third party pay roll Menos

Quikr India

What qualities a recruiter should have?

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I answered them that a recruiter should be a people person, energetic and enthusiastic. Menos


Give an example of a time when it was necessary to do more than what was asked.

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willingness to go above and beyond normal job duties.

Integra LifeSciences

What’s your salary expectations?

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More than they can afford


Interview based on technical expertise and handling situations in corporate. Committee expects the candidate to be an expert for the position applied. Verbal communication is the key to impress the committee.

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Experience matters. Answer based on experience and tools used. Communication is the key to answering. Make sure to take a break and think about the answer and frame it in an easier to understand language. Menos


Give me an example of where you have done a similar (task) before

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I gave an answer about a similar task I had performed, which utilizes a similar skillset, but the interviewers didn't like it Menos


experiences during internship

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explained the nuances followed during that tenure

Baylor Scott & White Health

What is your greatest professional achievement?

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Saving lives.

US Department of Veterans Affairs

How do you handle multiple tasks that all have a deadline.

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Always ask what is priority. Can this wait, i have three things on my plate. confirming what is priority, and when needed. delegate tasks. Menos

GapBridge Software Service

The director went through my resume as if he was reading a comic, 2 minutes into the interview i knew this position would never go ahead and end with this interview

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Nothing to answer as the Director was not able to gauge my expereince

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