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Standard Bank Group
Pergunta feita para Product Control Lead...22 de abril de 2015

What is the angle between the hands when it is quarter past 3

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7.5 degrees

7.5 degrees. The hour hand would have moved past 3 in order for it to be 3:15.

Time for me to go

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room, desk and car which do you clean first

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What makes you think any of the three are not clean already?

Are these things mine or someone else?

My reply to the interviewer would be: It depends on where I am spending the most of my time and which would have the greatest visibility to visitors or customers. If we are talking about work desk, then that gets cleaned first. If it is simply a home office desk versus the living room, the living room gets it first. If I use the car to often transport customers, then that gets my attention first. I want to try to make sure first impressions are good ones. Menos

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Coding test: 1. Given a string, find out if there's repeat characters in it. 2. SQL. Given a Customer table and a Payment table (with Customer ID as primary and foreign key), write a query to output a list of customers who have not paid their bills in the last 3 months.

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Did well on the first Java coding test. Solution using Hashset. Not so well on the SQL query. Able to give a query, but a few errors in it I am sure. Also there was a second questions regarding the SQL query, which we didn't have time to get to. So that was another bad thing. I am pretty sure I did not pass. But good learning experience. Menos

import java.util.*; public class test { public static void main(String[] args) { String str = "abdc"; char[] arr = str.toCharArray(); HashSet set = new HashSet(); for (char i : arr ) { set.add(i); } if((set.size()) == (arr.length)) System.out.println("unique character"); else System.out.println("repetition"); } } Menos


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What are your weekensses?

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My only weakness is I try to do things genuinely and with perfection, which sometimes creates a problem because it takes Time to do things with perfection. I prefer quality over quantity. Menos

I am very talkative and a poor listener.

i would like to do only interested subjects , once i get interest in the subject, i never leave, but its difficult to do which i am not intersted : thats my weakness. Menos

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They wanted to know if I was familiar with the entire procurement process and if I could bring more systematic procedure to their procurement process.

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Meet online meetings code for the information

Good learn and devlop every challenge and fect

Learn to all process that's improv to our work

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why you want to join here?

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For a better growth prospectus

New joined

For good carrer...

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Punj Lloyd

Are you ready joing in chennai location

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Yes sir i am ready to join there



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Tata Communications

Most difficult question is of Salary expectations.

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We can never get what we want.


Its depends on company norms also consider my experience and knowledge if meet the market criteria i can go with that Menos

Brightside Academy

Are you flexible???

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Yes, I am flexible Flexibility is the quality that will allow us to make accurate judgments at the moment of a cognitive or reflexive evaluation in the classroom, this allows us to qualify the knowledge, instead of quantifying them Menos


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Pulse Secure

Questions related to current/previous work. Networking, packet traversal through the networking stack, socket programming and packet flow through the sockets to the network card, multi-threading, C programs - get 100 random numbers in minimum complexity, programs related to hash list, stack and queues, design of data structure for big database.

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I would like to know what are the expections from them to candiates?

Hi I want to know working environment and atmosphere of senior manager and management in this company. If you can provide these details it will be very helpful to me. Menos

There is really open atmosphere in the company. Management is really helpful and try to help the employee. Of course it is a small and relatively new company. But there is a lot to look forward to. Menos

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