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Pergunta feita para Team Lead Client Relations...16 de fevereiro de 2020

All questions asked were related to skills required for the Job profile and to check interpersonal skills.

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Confidence and to the point honest answers are the basic ingredients to maximize your selection chances. Menos

Rockwell Automation

Discuss a situation in which you demonstrated peer to peer influence.

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Outlined a strategy I used to obtain funding from corporate management for a key certification initiative that would increase the value and competitiveness of our product offering. Discussed SWOT research used to identify gaps and opportunities. Menos


Sorry, do not recall questions. All were behavior based on the leadership principles you can find on their web site.

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Free advice, you will need deal with a great deal of ambiguity in the organization. They question this repeatedly Menos

Assala Energy

Tell me about a time you took a calculated risk.

The Recording Academy

Any familiarity with the Work the policy team does at Recording Academy?

Whirlpool Corporation

What is it that you like about working for whirlpool?


There are 5 hours of interviews asking for examples on the leadership principles. Each interview asks about 2 principles and you have to give 2 examples for each


1. Why do you want to work for a smaller company like Voxbone when you spent the majority of your career at a blue chip company? 2. Why should we choose you over other candidates? 3. Can you give us your thought process about how you would onboard a new carrier / provider? What steps will you undertake in order to make the right decisions when evaluating prospective carriers?

Alert Logic

"Why do you keep getting such good opportunities?" (Yes, this was a REAL question!)

HMS Holdings

No questions were difficult or unexpected

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