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Eligo Recruitment
Pergunta feita para Lead Recruitment Consultant...5 de setembro de 2016

It was clear that individual talent and personality is encouraged at Eligo and the environment is one of encouragement and reward.

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I felt that I would fit in well to the culture which is wonderfully diverse yet close knit, sociable and cohesive. I was delighted when I was offered the role and have been very happy at Eligo! Menos


Background, experience, salary, type of positions you have handled Background, experience, salary, type of positions you have handled Background, experience, salary, type of positions you have handled Background, experience, salary, type of positions you have handled Background, experience, salary, type of positions you have handled

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tell them about your experience,

Iora Health

Tell me about a time you dealt with an ambiguous situation.

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When there were no rules, I tried my best to invent them. Then I continued to refine the process until I found the rules. Menos

IDEXX Laboratories

Have they mentioned salary to you yet, as they like to low ball people?

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Unexpected question, as it was not from an HR person, but a leadership member and had such a negative connotation attached to it. Menos

Publicis Sapient

Can you tell me about your experience?

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Talked through resume and skills related to the role

Hippo Insurance Services

I was quite impressed with my interview at Hippo. They seemed more values-driven in their skill assessment. I was asked a lot of situational questions as it pertains to my recruiting experience, navigating grey areas in recruiting and how I operate individually and with the team. I also appreciate their consultative approach to interviewing, as they learn more about me and my experience, I was learning about them individually and the team dynamics at Hippo.

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I'm looking for more leadership responsibilities than what I was offered, but I would still highly recommend Hippo. This is a very promising company with a very talented team. Menos


Can you tell me about a time you had difficulties filling a position. How did you manage this?

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Encourage Employee referrals, build out your social media networks, get smart with content marketing, revise job descriptions. Menos


What do you know about Carvana?

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Fairly new company founded in 2013.

Hinduja Tech

What is SAP HANA? Gave me a scenario to check my reaction on handling pressure- this was really new and lovely. Asked question on how I can hire a person, where an employee has failed his BG check, but my gut says to go ahead?

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I answered exactly what SAP HANA means. The pressure scenario was little dicey, but answered to my capability. I also answered the ways to recruit employees differently. The manager was technically and theoretically is very strong in recruitment that made me happy; I will be very happy to work under him, if I get a chance. I am shortlisted and expecting to be selected. Menos

Orchard Platform

Basic questions regarding my previous background, goals, and a few technical questions related to recruiting.

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Pretty well I think :)

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