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Pergunta feita para Legal : Group Advisor...1 de outubro de 2012

Why do you want this job ?

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I feel this is illogical, for single parents. One has to earn for every thing in daily requirements. Menos

Private Trust

Whether you know laws governing project management

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Yes with experience

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Are you married?

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No .. I am single

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Do you have children?

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How will you generate work for your self?

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It went pretty well, interviewer was really impressed, as a response i said if in case i am not able to generate work for me, or is able to make the company legally protected, then I'll consider it to be a fault in me rather than of company 's Menos

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If a person visited your parent's house, what would that person say?

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Good family


How I would handle conflict with another employee

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Speak up and attempt to resolve the issue in order for us to keep doing our work. Sooner than later. Menos

Government of Puerto Rico

usually they will ask typical interview questions

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Saludos, Recientemente me juramente como abogado y notario. Me encuentro buscando empleo. Menos


What are the legislative process? What reforms are necessary in justice and judicial system.

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Explained with details the steps in the legislative process. Explained in details the shortcomings and challenges of the justice and judicial sector and provided alternatives and solutions. Menos

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