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Pergunta feita para Senior Maintenance Engineer...2 de junho de 2014

Is 3,599 a prime number? Yes or No. Explain.

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3599 = 3600-1 = 60^2 - 1^2 This is known as "difference of two squares" Which factors into (60-1)*(60+1) Therefore factors are 59 and 61 A longer, more general method is to say that you only need to check primes less than the square root of 3599, which again because its 60^2 - 1 you can just try primes less than 60. Menos

3600 = 60^2 Sqrt(3600 - 1) = 60 -/+ 1 >>> 59 x 61

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why Halliburton?

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Immediately, i got a call from them next day... If u didn't get get a call from them within 2 days.. then u r disqualified from the selection process Menos

It depends on the position level you applied for ... If it was entry level....probably there will be no technical questions..they will discuss with you the experience, summer training & courses you had before... I strongly recommend to focus on the HR typical & common questions if the position level is Entry Level.. bcoz they are seeking for certain traits on the character of every candidate Menos

Actually, I applied for 2 positions Wireline Engineer and Maintenance Engineer. I passed the 1st HR interview and have been invited for a Technical interview next week. I am an Entry level however they told me it will be Technical Interview with the Manager and I am curious to know the type of technical questions that he might ask about for the same position that you applied for “Entry Level Maintenance Engineer”? In addition, to the expected Salary? Menos

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1-where is my home? 2-what is my education? 3-what is my experience , soft skills and languages?

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3year8month my experince

Hindi English languages


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Tell abt urself

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Briefly explained

I am nafis ibrar frome india but now in Qatar continue work i have 3 years electrical engineering diploma Education complete after continue work have experience Menos

I am work in india electrical maintenance department Tata steel my near this plant Menos

PAK Arab Refinery

Are you going to leave the company?

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only if i learned enough from your company and its time to leave the company.

Yes only if I do not find job security and future growth opportunities.

Not if you pay me more :)

MRF Tyres

Are you ready to relocate anywhere in India?

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Simhapuri Energy

why in transformer oil is used?

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In order to insulate and to provide cooling to the windings we use transformer oil. Transformer oil has very high breakdown voltage so that it does not breakdown inspite of having high voltage coils around it. When transformer works on high load its winding temperature increases hence oil temperature also increases which then cooled through the cooling tubes having contact with outside air. Menos

Cooling purpose , transformer oil is insulation oil also

Called as also insulation oil and this is stable at high temperatures.


Tell me about a time you are face with a difficult situation, How did you solve it? Given a room with 3 light bulbs which have their respective three switches (On/Off) outside the room. You don't know which switch corresponds to which light bulb. You can do whatever you want with the switches but you can enter the room only once. How will you find which light switch corresponds to which light bulb?

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Turn them all on!

If you take one at a time once there there on remove one wire or off but you have to turn power on again you should find which switch belongs to the bulbs. Menos

I talked about my past experience

are you willing to accept a lower salary than we advertised

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What is turbocharging

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Supplying charge air at a higher density than the atmospheric pressure to the engine Menos

Its compress air for intec valve and air prihiting

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