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Pergunta feita para Site Maintenance Manager Green River Wy...29 de julho de 2014

Asked if I was only interested in the position for short term gain and would be moving on real quick.

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Relocation is the biggest concern that they have. It is extremely hard to find someone to relocate to SW Wyoming and live in the high desert. The winters are harsh, the summers are windy and dusty and the commute can be dangerous. Most people with skills have better options available. Many punch their ticket and move on after the 2 year payback period for sign-on/relocation perks. I find it extremely interesting that you did not get a plant tour. It would certainly make me wonder what the plants look like, probably old and in dis-repair? Sure is a red flag. Was anyone in maintenance on the interview team? Menos

Different John here, than the flip answer. I would like to hear more from you. I interviewed for the same position and they haven't gotten back with me either, maybe based on your acceptance. I found many of the same issues. We should connect and compare notes. On LinkedIn? Menos

Are you kidding, why would I move to wy just to leave. It would be impossible to sell your house Menos

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How would you deal with managing staff.

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i believe strongly in treating all as equals and empowering employees with the ability to take ownership of their own performance. To this end i like to lead by example and demonstrate what is possible whilst always taking the time to listen and recognise that every body has good ideas Menos

empowering your team is one of the most powerful tools we have as managers. It is amazing what a little empowerment can do to a distraught group. Menos


Do you have experience working with robotics.

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She asked general experience questions.

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I was 4 years experienced in Planning Service & Logistic department & 1 year experienced in Software & hardware networking.... Menos

Double Envelope

reflect to see if a person is skilled in trades or college

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trades are a dieing breed that needs to be revised.

Employee management questions

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Truthfully. wasn't impressed by the interviewer.

Smurfit Kappa

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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Established with a MBA

Advanced Structural Alloys

They kept on changing the criteria of the position and what my job duties would be.

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What a waste of time for a company I would never recommend anyone to this deceiving/dirty/puny potato of a company. Menos

What is my weakest point

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That I am a perfectionist in my work, it is my weakest point as I expect it from other people around me as well. Menos

Relaxo Footwear

Technical Awareness

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By experience and Knoweldge

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