Perguntas de entrevista de Manager business development |

Perguntas de entrevista de Manager business development


Perguntas de entrevista para o cargo de manager business development compartilhadas pelos candidatos

Principais perguntas de entrevista

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Explique para mim, como se eu fosse uma criança, o que é uma venda por canais.

How long experience do you have in Infra Wich kind of solution or services are you used to offer to the customers What are the KPIs to evaluate your performance What are your achievement in the last 5 years How is your personal life

What do Paymentwall do? Do you know our competitors? What product do you thing that works best? (Most of the questions are not about your background, but about what you know about them).

- my professional moment - my habilities as commercial - my previous experience in sales - role play - Why I'm searching for new challenges