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Pergunta feita para Mechanical Engineer Intern...9 de março de 2012

If you have a refrigerator in an isolated room (no heat in or out) and left the door to the refrigerator open, what would happen to the temperature to the room? Would it go up, down or say the same?

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The refrigerator will warm up the room. If you look on the back of the refrigerator, you will see metal grating. Touch it. Its warm! A refrigerator is transporting heat from the inside cavity to the outside. However, the power cord running from the wall is pumping energy into the refrigerator/room. Energy is powering the refrigerator. It is also running an irreversible process, the energy dissipates out as heat and work (mostly heat), making the net temperature of the room increase. Menos

In this case, there is a net gain of energy from the refrigerator outlet into the room and no loss of energy out of the room. Thus, the room will warm up since there is a gain of energy. Menos

The temperature and overall heat content of the room will increase. Yes, the fridge it providing cooling, but it is doing this by removing heat from part of the air and dumping it into other parts of the air, all while doing work which is harnessed from the power input (electricity) from the wall. In other words, the heat in the air is just displaced from one area of air to another, so no loss nor gain of net heat, HOWEVER the work used to do this creates additional heat. If you consider this from a total energy standpoint, all energy within the room is fixed, except there's energy being added through the power input, so there's an increase in energy with time. I'm shocked at some of the other answers here, I hope those saying the temperature remains the same do not have mechanical engineering degrees. Menos

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Do you have experience with DO-160E or MIL-STD-816 specifications?

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Yes but I was laid off

It's the standards by which a product is tested for flight safety. This is not completely accurate since companies such as Airbus and Boeing have their own standard or sub derivatives of others. Menos

Valero Energy

We were sitting in the third floor of a 16 floor building. After asking me about my experiences with working within a group the interviewer suddenly asked me, "How many pennies would it take to stack as high as this building?"

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It took me a second to realize that his apparent non sequitur was an attempt to evaluate my problem solving capabilities and methodology. Then, I estimated the width of a penny and the height of the floors within the building and talked through a calculation for him. Menos

It would be one penny less than those which would just exceed the height of the building when stacked above one another. Menos

Honda of America Mfg.

Tell me something technical about the project you worked on? not too bad..

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Make sure you explain as if he doesnt know anything.

LORD Corporation

No real difficult questions, just asked what I was interested in doing and a little about my past experience. (internship position, so it was relatively basic.) Asked a little about basic stress/strain curves.

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Because of the work they do, they don't generally expect entry-level people and interns to know everything they'll need. There is some learning curve. Menos


The interviewer asked questions about specific times I had overcome challenges, dealt with failure, and worked with diversity.

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I tried to describe the situation, how I reacted, and the knowledge that I gained, but I was really nervous and stumbled through it a lot. Menos


Explain a situation where you did not get along with someone in the work place and how you handled that situation.

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As a process engineer intern (previous work experience) you are required to work with all machine operators, it is crucial to each others success that you work well together. Menos


Are there any engineering projects you do out of school?

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I created a small business of my own. I fix cellphones (particularly apple products) part-time to earn extra funds. I also participated in the European Innovation Academy program which consists of creating a start-up company. Menos


If you planned an event for weeks/months, but your lead needs you to do another task when the event is supposed to occur, what do you do?

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If your supervisor calls you on the weekend in the middle of the night, do you pick up? Menos


What are some of your hobbies?

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Why did you apply to this role?

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