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US Marine Corps
Pergunta feita para Military Officer...27 de janeiro de 2014

What can you provide to the Marine Corps?

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i love to work out

i love to work out i am honest, and kind, i will do what is asked of me

US Marine Corps

Do you have what it takes to lead Marines

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Show positivity and confidence.


Initial questions about my experience, availability, and expectations for salary and benefits.

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My expectation for salary was greater than their budgeted amount, and recruiter did not make any commitment to benefit beyond what was forwarded in corporate benefit plan. Menos

Ohio Army National Guard

Did you talk with your family and if so are they okay with your decision?

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Yes I have and yes they are.

US Department of Defense

Why do you want to be an Officer in the Navy?

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I want to serve my country and lead the best and brightest people in the world.

US Navy

Why do you want to be in the Navy?

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It's all I've ever wanted to do.

US Air Force

Describe a time I managed a team.

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Discussed my experiences working at a summer camp

US Army

Why are you fit for the job

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Great personally

U.S. Army Reserve

Do you smoke any substances

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Describe a time when you had to convince your boss of a wrong direction they were taking.

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I actually gave an example from two days prior and showed how I carefully corrected my bosses mis-interpretation of an event and how my alternative would accomplish exactly what he wanted in a more effective manner. Menos

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