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East Alabama Medical Center
Pergunta feita para Monitor Tech...27 de agosto de 2015

What brought you to want to become a telemetry tech

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Wanted more hands on training with the patients

Mission Health

I was asked about my goals for the future.

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I incorporated how this position got into reaching my goals

I was asked rather specific questions. 'Describe a situation where you had conflict w another employee ' ' Reveal a time of professional success & also a disappointment '

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I did the best I could. I'm not so good on the fly & had no time to prepare. I needed some extra time to properly answer some of the questions. Menos

Select Medical

Interview with HR (person no longer employed) was relaxed and pleasant. Interview with CNO (person no longer employed) was more intense and intimidating. I goth the impression that she was angry or annoyed.

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With honesty and interest in position.

Orange Park Medical Center

Interviewer asked me about gaps in my job history but clearly didn't read my resume because I've almost always had 2 jobs.

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Showed her dates on my resume

Strata Clean Energy

About my experience

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Told them

Princeton Baptist Hospital

Did I think I could do the job as a monitor tech

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I answered in the affirmative yes I could

TMH Physician Organization

tell me about you

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why i picked pharm industry?

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to use my educ.

UW Medicine

Are you ok with sitting for 12hrs?

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That's what my current job entails

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