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Pergunta feita para Power BI Developer...15 de julho de 2020

What work have you done? work related and experience related

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Dod they communicate to yoy about the offer or not then?

No I have followed up many times. They are not answering call... I just asked 5% more than what they were offering... Menos

How much increment did they offer?

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Object level security and row level security.

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Row level security apple on individual row in the table or dataset. It restrict the user to access entire data set. Once the row level security apply user can select specific section of dataset. Menos


RLS in Power BI

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It's a row level security, used for hiding the rows from any user. By which, the person can only see the particular visualization/data of which he/she has permission to. Menos


4. What is Power query?

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Power query is a function that filter transform, and combine the data extracted from various sources. Menos


2. What is a dashboard?

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Dashboard is like single page canvas on which you have to put various element to create and visualize report created by analysing data. Menos


3. What are the three views?

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Model, data, report

Cybage Software

How to optimize the reports In power bi? Star and snowflake schema. Different level of filters.

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Limit the visuals and I have explained about the star and snowflake


How would you use the bookmarks in another way?

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I did not answer, because everyone got his own manner of applying. Avoid this company if you want to be taken seriously. Menos

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what my vision is to drive the business forward. what experience I had and how would Power BI benefit the company

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learning about the existing challenges in the business. what success means to them and what is currently available and what it takes on my end to do the right thing and take the business to the next level. Menos


Explain BI architecture with help of an imaginary diagram

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With the help of architectural elements

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