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Pergunta feita para Vendor Relations Manager...23 de julho de 2011

How many people using facebook in San Francisco at 2:30pm on a Friday?

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About 60 percent of adults (18+) Americans have a Facebook account. But we're talking San Francisco here--the Valhalla of Nerdery and all things internet--so lets bump that up to 80 percent (this 30 percent increase is justified by the fact that SF is 30 percent geekier than anywhere else...). For purposes of the question, let's limit this explicitly to the city of San Francisco--not the entire Bay Area. At night, SF is about 800,000 people strong. Let's assume a little over 20 percent of that population is either too old or young to use Facebook (it would be higher if mothers hadn't taken off FB...). Let's say that leaves 600,000 people (note: working with round numbers is better for these sorts of things). But then we have to take into account the fact people commute to and from SF! Nerds pour out into the South Bay, suits (e.g., bankers) come in from the East. I suspect the city population swells by 50 percent. If we toss in tourists and conference goers and everything else, 1 million people are in San Francisco at 2:30pm on a Friday. Eighty percent of those people use Facebook, so we have 800,000 possible Facebook users at that time. The final step is to figure out what percent of the 800,000 are using Facebook at 2:30pm. It's later in the day so I suspect it will be higher than at 11:00am. But I don't really have a good baseline to judge. When I walk around my office, roughly 10 to 20 percent of screens I see as around the office are on some non-work related thing at any time. Let's call that 15 percent and assume that all non-work related surfing by FB users includes some sort of use of FB. That means 120,000 people are using FB at 2:30pm on Friday in San Francisco. Menos

All of them. Facebook's corporate HQ is in Menlo Park, a suburb of San Francisco. So, anyone using Facebook is using "Facebook in San Francisco". Menos

Answer?... more than are using Google+

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Pakistan Army

What would you do if you are given 100,000 dollars?

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I'll give this money to some organisations

I'll give this money to my father because he is currently jobless

i will donate these money for hospital in my village because there is one hospital with no facilities for 8 to 10 thousand people Menos

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The Emirates Group

Tell me something about yourself

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Hi, I am Mohamed Nazlan, 27 years old from Colombo, Sri Lanka. Currently I am living in Dubai,United Arab Emirates. I have completed the Diploma in International Airlines Cabin Crew and Ground Handling and Recently Working as a General Manager for 3thousand6 Group Private Limited Company. I would be thrilled to Work with Emirates Group Thank you Menos

i am currently living in Bangladesh. I have 5 years experience of communication with foreigners all around the world. I have recently completed my intermediate in electrical. Menos

Am a lady of 38yrs, education is o'level. And am from Uganda

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What would you do if minutes before your shift your computer wouldn't turn on?

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Did you have a final interview with the hiring manager? Was it more technical based questions? Thanks! Menos

I haven't had it yet but once I do I will update you with the answer soon after. :) Menos

They asked me STAR questions, that I wasn't prepared for. I studied Q&A on this entire site and he didn't ask me not one of those questions. I was shocked, thrown off and didn't get the offer. I'll be better prepared next time, with recorder on and everything, lol Menos

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Sarthee Consultancy

what is recruitment

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Recruitment refers to the overall process of identifying, attracting, screening, shortlisting, and interviewing, suitable candidates for jobs within an organization. Recruitment can also refer to processes involved in choosing individuals for unpaid roles. Menos

Recruitment refers to the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring and onboarding employees. Menos

Recruitment a procedure to select a candidate who can suitable for the job and do well our company get the chance to work with him Menos

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Two Sigma

"Where did you grow up?"

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An addendum to my earlier interview comments. Additional questions by the last interviewer (Marketing Manager) who reeked of arrogance: "What would your critics say about you?" When I balked at that query, he leaned back in his chair, put his hands behind his head, and said, "C'mon, everybody has critics!" What a slimy individual. A true tosser. He went on to say that there is no "backstabbing" there...which I thought odd. When I asked other interviewers what was the best thing about working at TS, each of those four individuals said "the people". When I posed this question to the last interviewer, his opinion was "having access to the founders, the principals of the organization was the best part of working there". If I'd been offered a position, I would have declined. If you have any ounce of integrity, run for the hills and don't bother wasting your time and energy with this organization. Menos

I'm pretty sure asking you where you grew up is illegal

Unfortunate that I'm unable to find an option to edit my previous post. My career spans over 20 years in the financial arena in administrative and designing marketing collateral for global institutional asset management firms. It a sad situation where individuals such as this "marketing manager" are in positions of power to decide who moves to the next level in the interview process. It's an unfortunate truth that indeed "mediocrity rises". Menos

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Scott Dawson Advertising

The company did not ask me any questions as I declined the interview.

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The company did not ask me any questions as I declined the interview.

Just read this comment with interest I’m a professional HR Executive and I think you’re very unprofessional making comments about a company you haven’t even been to - your naivety is quite clear that you don’t know the commercial business world and how companies operate and make decisions - I don’t know the company you’re referring to but I think they’ve done themselves a favour not employing you - get a grip girl and welcome to the real commercial world Menos

Dissing a company publicly online over a pathetic conversation which is obviously biased shows very immature behaviour from yourself - businesses have more important decisions to worry about rather than worrying about comments from little girls (assuming you’re a girl) who are offended by not being pampered by a business who clearly were interested in offering you a position - at least they’ve escaped employing you - try and be more professional instead of slagging businesses off who are trying to keep their heads above water with day to day challenges Menos

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Cantex Continuing Care Network

Tell me about a stressful situation.

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Working in the hospital with the current situation with the coronavirus 19, needless to say it’s been stressful situations. However this is been a learning situation that is beneficial for future events. Menos


Personally I have been furloughed from my job and been off for a few months having to cope with the events and financially. Has been a challenge and a blessing to see how family can stick together for solutions. Challenges that come has arise finding solutions at again has been challenging. Menos

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Why are manhole covers round?

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They are round so that they cannot fall through the hole, a square cover would fall through if placed on the right angle Menos

This question has an answer the interviewer *wants* to hear, and a *real* answer. The answers above come close to what the interviewer wants to hear, but the real answer is not nearly as pleasant... Microsoft should know better... the manhole covers at its Redmond site aren't even round! They are rectangular with curved corners. No trained individual would ever roll a manhole cover. They weigh a great deal and would pose a threat of injury if they were to fall on a hand or foot. Manhole covers are removed by use of a metal pole with a hook. They are slid or dragged where they need to go. In addition, there are numerous polygonal shapes that will not fall in on their own perimeter. And if you wanted to be absolutely certain a cover won't fall in a hole, you would just make every dimension of the cover larger than the largest dimension of the hole. (In fact, all covers today are larger than the holes they protect... even the circles.) The best , correct, answer as to why any given manhole cover is round is because the pipe which it caps is round. In fact, most manhole pipes have an inset lip forcing the cover to be round to fit within a circular projection. When you see curved rectangular covers, it is because the opening is a curved-corner rectangle. Again, this shape has a lip and a protrusion on the edges to hold it in place. Manhole covers are designed to fit the concrete, masonry, or metal cavities they are created to protect. This is the only true answer. Now, if the interviewer wanted to ask why the manhole pipes were round, that would be an entirely different question. I leave the research about Roman Aqueducts to the reader. Menos

Nope. Covers are round because the hole is round. If the question was "why are manholes round", then one possible answer is "so the cover cannot fall through". There are other shapes that support this scenario BTW. Menos

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CHG Healthcare

Have you ever worked at a company with competing brands?

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No I have not but would love to learn more

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