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Dignity Health
Pergunta feita para Primary Care Physician...22 de setembro de 2019

where will you be staying?

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why this location

Kaiser Permanente

Basic questions, most importantly they are just looking to see if you are a good fit for the organization.

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More than anywhere else, you need to be a good team player here, everyone pulls together to help each other out, so this is what they will be looking for Menos

UW Medicine

Nothing very unusual--how well do you work on a team, how well do you work with others, etc.

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After going through the process they opted to go with a different candidate--and canceled my final interview. A very unsatisfying end to the process. I don't have a clear idea of what they were looking for or why they went with someone else. Fortunately, I have since gotten a job elsewhere. Menos

Kaiser Permanente

What are you looking for? When can you start?

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Flexible schedule, good team


Behavioral Based with a twist involving clinical.

Primary Health Care

How to diagnose manage a child with fever. How to diagnose and manage a patient with a new-onset headache ina 50 years old.


Give me an example of when a patient disagreed with your advice. What did you do or say to convince the patient that your recommendation would be helpful?

BJC HealthCare

What are you looking for in a practice?

CommuniCare Health Centers (TX)

Tell me about your primary care experience.


Tell me about yourself

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