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Pergunta feita para Principal Recruiter - SWAT...12 de março de 2019

Situational questions around stakeholder engagement / using data to influence and why join amazon.

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Each of these were fairly easy to understand however when dealing with a robotic interviewer it gave little chance to expand and discuss. I found if you didn't do it the amazon way and have inhouse experience this was a waste of time. They're effectively after advanced resourcers - this isn't a 360 recruiter role. Also told all interviews would be phone or VC which hardly does much to engage candidates and give you a perspective on a team and company culture. All in all, a good experience but a very rigid company and not one I'd encourage folks to join unless they're very admin focused. Menos


Resourcing processes - how to find difficult candidates. Name a recent time when you've worked an awkward role and what methods you used?

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Discussed two routes we'd take however little engagement or actual discussion to really get a better answer from me. Effectively I was being asked to summarise every method of recruiting in a concise answer. Menos

Ondot Systems

What niche technical positions have you worked recently.

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Java Front-end JavaScript, Java Full Stack, Java Back-end and DB technologies, J2EE, Big Data, Data Scientists, Menos


Why I was interested in MongoDB and what were my top 3 criteria for choosing my next company.

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I was ready to join another disruptive software company who had best of breed technology and plans to grow aggressively. I also wanted to make sure the company culture and values aligned with my requirements. Menos


Asked me basic questions. One of his first interviews and completely ghosted and sent me an automated response that they were not interested after telling me they want me to meet the CTO on the 1:1 interview. Completely unprofessional when I personalized emails from A-Z during the hiring process. RUN FAST.

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Answered them in depth about my subject matter expertise


Why RoundGlass?

Frank Recruitment Group

Tell me about your sales and recruitment experience.

Capital One

The Basics but it really didn't feel like an interview everyone was very easy to speak with and very nice.

What are your KPI’s. How are they measured. What tracking system do you use, etc. and general questions about my background


Why Exabeam? Have you ever recruited for cyber security skills/candidates before? Tell me about a time you have worked with a difficult manager/business customer.

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