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Pergunta feita para Principal Product Marketing Manager...5 de julho de 2013

If John Locke from lost was running for president of the island what would be his campaign slogan.

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"Don't ever tell us what we can't do. Ever."

Learn how to walk again before we can run!

But John Locke is dead. It's 'Smoky' that's taking his form. Smoky is already the president of the island especially after the death of Jacob. Smoky's slogan is 'tirihihik tirihihik, tirihihik tirihihik, (you know the sound that the smoke monster does). Menos

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There are 3 cars travelling in a road from point a to pont b, you have to pick one car, which one do you choose?

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It depends... If the road between points a and b is accident prone, I'd want to be in a Volvo. If the road is pretty straightforward and I need to get to my destination in a hurry...the fastest sports car. If it is a scenic road and I am on a vacation...a convertible. Menos

It depends on the goal. Am I trying to get some place as quickly as possible? Am I content to get there in one piece no matter how much time? Am I more interested in the journey? This question is about thought process. Menos

I choosed safety car and everything inside

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Who are our competitors?

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Ditto experience interviewing with them for a similar position...they did not bother even responding to mails/phone calls requesting for updates...learnt from an acquaintance over there that they had quietly moved on with another candidate...helps a lot if you have strong internal backing....lack of professionalism is obviously loud and clear...i would probably attribute it to arrogance for having quickly moved up the ranks as a successful silicon valley company... Menos

Most notably, Parallels comes to mind, but I think there may be one or two smaller players. Menos

Microsoft, Citrix, Oracle/Sun

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How old are you? Are you married? Do you have children?

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Sincerely apologize if there is any step of our recruitment process that bothered you. Verify the candidate's age, married status, family info would help us apply the appropriate relocation package in the offer letter after that. Your frankly discussion with our recruiter about your concern during and after the interview will be appreciated. Regards. Menos

These are appalling questions! Shows from the start the overall mentality of the company. Decline the interview right after having heard such questions. Menos

Apparently Sentifi thinks anti-discrimination laws don't apply to them. Really strange to start an interview by asking about age, marital status, family etc. Declined further interviews because of this. Menos

Marketing Instincts

They give you a real life scenario to write and email to an imaginary client about...everything about this was easy except because I was so nervous I had difficulty getting the details down. Most important thing to keep in mind: get the details right.

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They explained there wasn't an exact right or wrong answer, they were looking for my approach and professionalism in communicating to the client. Menos

Edwards Lifesciences

How did you become a us citizen!

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You just got a job, make suing Edward's life science your new job. Get a few lawyers and go to work full time fixing them. Menos

I second Joseph's comment. And while it may not be other interviewers/HR personnel at this company asking such questions, however, this interviewer needs fixing. "According to the EEOC, It Is Illegal to Ask a Candidate Questions About Their: Race, Color, or National Origin. Religion. Sex, Gender Identity, or Sexual Orientation. Pregnancy status. Disability. Age or Genetic Information. Citizenship. Marital Status or Number of Children." Menos

I don’t believe they record the interviews. Not sure how i can prove.

Samsung Electronics

None. Just standard. She asked "What role and product do you want to oversee?" ... my answer was the position I am interviewing for (otherwise, why would I be there?!")

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Mobile phone - from mid to high end range at Marketing Manager level.

The position which I applied is digital marketing executive and I know that I will do well in that field and will work hard in order to achieve sales target in given time without fail Menos

The role is Product Marketing Manager, if I will be in this position, I will definitely review the market or previous research and sales data first. Then I will find and/or create demand for our products by using best fit strategy . If there is demand the sales will get high for sure. For the products , every product have their ways of sales and marketing strategies. Menos

R.R. Donnelley

Are you still interested in the job?

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I am still keen on pursuing this opportunity. I would like to have an opportunity to discuss and wow. Menos

Anthem, Inc.

What does your husband do for work?

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Were they looking to see if you were a military spouse, thus the potential for relocating in the near future? I worry how to answer that one myself if it comes up ... Menos

That's an illegal question...

That's none of your business

Sales Experience and Languages Spoken.

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Japanese, English, Arabic, French and Chinese.

Yes. Many years of Sales & Marketing Experiences. I speak 5 languages fluently: Japanese, English, Arabic, French and Chinese. Menos

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