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Adventist HealthCare
Pergunta feita para Respiratory Care Practitioner...18 de julho de 2019

What was a situation you had to overcome?

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Describe to me your ideal workplace

Renown Health

Asked to describe a ventilator mode which was manufacturer specific.

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Hamilton Vents

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

What you gonna bring to the table?

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My skills, experience and knowledge

Parkland Health & Hospital System

Types of vents used, comfortable with NICU and ER/ED, experience, etc.

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Be honest but positive. If you don't know how to do something just say you may need to review it and see it a time or two, but you are confident you can become proficient quickly. Menos

Community Access

how are you?

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Im good ive been working for so long i need a vacation

Boulder City Hospital

How would you handle a situation where the attending physician did something clinically that you didn't approve of or agree with?

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Chart chart chart! Ask the physician to explain his/her thought process of why he/she selected that particular therapy/treatment, and let him/her know in private that you didn't agree. Menos

Access Healthcare

What is your reason for becoming a Respiratory Therapist

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I grew up with Asthma therefore I have always wanted to help patients breathe, also since I have become an RT, my love and passion for providing excellent patient care. Menos

Memorial Health System

"Would you say that you're addicted to positivity"?

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I was taken aback by that question. I indicated that no. not quite "addicted".. ---who knows? that may have been the wrong answer. Menos

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

They gave me ABG results and asked to interpret them and what to do next.

Sutter Roseville Medical Center

Personality questions.

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