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Parkland Health & Hospital System
Pergunta feita para Respiratory Care Practitioner...18 de maio de 2021

Types of vents used, comfortable with NICU and ER/ED, experience, etc.

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Be honest but positive. If you don't know how to do something just say you may need to review it and see it a time or two, but you are confident you can become proficient quickly. Menos

Sutter Roseville Medical Center

Personality questions.

Boulder City Hospital

How would you handle a situation where the attending physician did something clinically that you didn't approve of or agree with?

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Chart chart chart! Ask the physician to explain his/her thought process of why he/she selected that particular therapy/treatment, and let him/her know in private that you didn't agree. Menos

Adventist HealthCare

What was a situation you had to overcome?

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Describe to me your ideal workplace

Saint Louis University Hospital

A time you were nervous about something you had to do at work? and what you did?

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

They gave me ABG results and asked to interpret them and what to do next.

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Why do you want to work at Children's Hospital Los Angeles?

Community Access

how are you?

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Im good ive been working for so long i need a vacation

Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

What you gonna bring to the table?

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My skills, experience and knowledge

Access Healthcare

What is your reason for becoming a Respiratory Therapist

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I grew up with Asthma therefore I have always wanted to help patients breathe, also since I have become an RT, my love and passion for providing excellent patient care. Menos

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