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Pergunta feita para Respiratory Therapist...25 de janeiro de 2020

when can you start?

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Interview even today

I am ready

I can do interview today

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Northeast Georgia Health System

They asked about availability to work & skill level.

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My availability is Daytime shifts of the week.

I am available for any shifts from 8 AM until 9 PM, seven days a week

I am available every day of the week, from 8 AM until 9 PM. No other commitments. Menos

Wyoming Medical Center

Give me an example of when you had to handle a difficult patient not responding to care.

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I explained the pros and cons to the prognosis with and without the compliance of treatment and then try to encourage my patient to make their health a priority because they are loved and deserve the best quality of life. Menos

Honestly my job is not respond to a difficult patient, my job is to try to understand why the patient is difficult, communicate with my team members and develops a plan to best suit the patient. Menos

I answered with a specific situation that I had encounterd in my career.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

Why did you choose NYP?

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I like to work in the hospital

Because I herd that it the best hospital in the city

I need a porter job do u have open

Abrazo Community Health Network

If there was a sick newborn in the nursery, an adult patient in the ER in distress, and a patient on one of the general floors who needed respiratory care all at the same time, who would you see first.

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I told him that you have to consider the acuity of the patient. So, I would see the baby, then the ER patient, and then the floor patient. Menos

You'd see the person in distress first

Southside Hospital

What shift could I work

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Due to my present family needs it would be best for me to work Day Shifts , (Night Shifts) or Weekends. Menos


HCA Healthcare

What have you done in the past that might hinder your performance here in the future?

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I had no answer.

At this point nothing, which I hope to continue on this job.

Kindred Hospitals

He asked if I'd be willing to work different shifts. I only wanted days.

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Sorry, I can not.

He really did not ask me anything out of ordinary-only how much experience and etc. I told him I prefer only days. Menos

The questions were simple questions and had nothing to do with the actual care. The people who asked questions were tattered and worn out looking. They acted like they had to many other things to do than to be in a meeting.

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Should have walked out when I saw the hospital and the employees.

Life Care Hospital


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Can work every other weekend and during the week.

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