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Kindred Hospitals
Pergunta feita para Respiratory Therapy...12 de agosto de 2010

What year did you work at what facility? I have worked many places!

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I had to estimate on the dates.


Where do I see myself in 10 years

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Working here and adding specialties to my Title.

Cook Children's Health Care System

I was asked to give them an example of a situation I’ve been in that was difficult situation with communication with a coworker

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I said that as an anesthesia tech I have been called and asked for a certain item for intubation and the CRNA calls it something differently than what the actually item is called so I went into the OR room and specifically asked him what item he is talking about and then I brought him exactly what he needed to intubate. Menos

Kindred Hospitals

What is your salary expectation?

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I told him what I make and he staed he could not match that.

National HME

What position do you hold presently

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I work with Hospice patients and want to continue to serve that community.

Holy Cross Health

What was one patient situation where I went above and beyond to take care of a patient?

Kaiser Permanente

What is your biggest challenge?


What type of management style do you work well with?

Landmark Hospitals

If offered this job, what is one thing we can do as a leadership team to make sure you stay?

Encompass Health

How do you deal with difficult situations? Are you comfortable in teaching patients?

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