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Perguntas de entrevista de Sales representative


Perguntas de entrevista para o cargo de sales representative compartilhadas pelos candidatos

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I cannot remember specifically a certain question that was difficult. One question was they gave you 5 great qualities an employee would have and then to only choose one that you believed to be the best and why

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I cant recall what I stated nor what I chose to be the most important. any quality would be ideal for this answer and the one you choose will be right as long as you have a passionate reason behind it and gave a good reason for your choosing. They really just want someone that cares about people, works hard, self motivated, has customer service experience, and a good head on their shoulders. With this you should have no trouble getting the job. Easy job to get. Just takes a lot of hard work and problem solving skills which is life as we know it.

Trabalho como manutenção de celulares assim quando

Você gosta de desafio?

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Past experiences in other companies

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Qual a sua estratégia para abordar os clientes?

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What are you passionate about?

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Cargos anteriores, experiência e afins.

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O que você acha que fazemos? O que você entendeu só olhar nosso site.

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o que você prefere: filmes ou séries?

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Perguntas sobre meu conhecimento na área contábil

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