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Pergunta feita para Senior Salesforce Developer...26 de setembro de 2019

salesforce exp

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Yes, I have extensive Salesforce Experience



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MST Solutions

oops concepts in java, cloud, multi threading...

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Multi threading


Can a batch be called from the execute method of another batch apex?

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No.. another batch class can be called from a start or a finish method of our batch class. But never from the execute method. Menos


Yes but only from finish method else it will throw a run time error


where do u stored your javascripts files in salesforce ?

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If we are using that particular JS file in Visualforce Page so in that scenario we can access while uploading our JS file in static resource or by call it directly on Visualforce Page but on the another side If we want to use that plugin in Lightning Component for this its mandatory to upload our JS file in static resource because lightning component initially run on client side. Menos

Static resource

I said it's in static resource


Field Accessibility

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Tomorrow I have Interview with Amazon for Salesforce Developer role

^ Can you provide your feedback on how did it go? Looking for some pointers

How was your interview?


Workflow,Permission Set, Trigger to assign a task to a user

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I will consult coustomer good averness

Yes I will give for coustomer good averness

Yes I will give

Kcloud Technologies

Write a trigger and design Visual Force Page according to given instruction?

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It was mid level questions .

Hi can you explain more on this? Were you allowed to google for taking reference of vf tags? Menos


Can we call batch class from other batch class

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Yes, we can call one batch from other batch class from finish method in the max chain of 5. Menos

Yes. From finish method Were you asked to write any code on a system?

Fission Labs

What is the diffrence between custom settings and custom metadata

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The main diffrence is custom setting data can be retrieved without making a query because it is stored in cache to retrieve custom metadata you have to do a query. Menos

can you post some more questions

Dreamwares IT Solutions

2. Some questions are related to programming concepts such as OOP, memory management etc.

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Mostly on Arrays and Strings

Which type of program they ask in write on paper and assignment please reply me . Menos

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