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Sand Martin Consultants
Pergunta feita para Senior Accountant...18 de agosto de 2022

What was your goal ? And what u will contribute in these company ?


Give me an example on how to record a retention bonus? Give me an example on how to record commissions?


- Tell me about your experience - How your experience relates with the activities that we do here - Tell me an example of a project that you rolled out and how it was - Tell me an example of a moment where you was on pressure and how did it went - Tell me an example of how do you worked with financial analysis


-General questions in 1st interview. -Role related questions in 2nd interview. -Specific situation in 3rd interview.

InvenTrust Properties

1. Tell me about yourself. 2. Describe your prior experience. 3. What do you know about IVT?

Accounting Principals

What are your,salary expectations for the position?

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At least industry standard or better.

JTI - Japan Tobacco International

There were accounting test during interview

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Collins Comfort Masters

Tell me about your background.

The first was more to get to know me and the next was a bit more formal

What are your daily duties

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Prepare financial accounts and tax returns

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