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Perguntas de entrevista de Senior associate


Perguntas de entrevista para o cargo de senior associate compartilhadas pelos candidatos

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Sybase Database Procedure plan

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I answered all the questions very well.

Do you remember the questions?

Qual o seu nível de independência em relação aos gestores?

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The questions are all about how would tackle a problem, which solutions you may apply, which information would you ask the client to help you have a better understanding of the problem at hand.

No difficult questions. Most of them, about my career and expectations.

The main skill is the ability to structure and solve given problems that can vary from the mining industry to specific small businesses.

Self intro. As am experienced, the panel asked about my previous work experience. Few technical questions, basic ones. SWOT, CAGR, Porter 5 forces

Quais seriam os valores que vc colocaria na sua empresa?

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