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Crown Worldwide Group
Pergunta feita para Senior Branch Manager...29 de abril de 2019


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longue experience

lead and be in charge of the branch


Actually asked if I was sober most of the time, keep in mind this was many years ago

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yes i dont drink


They placed a lot of emphasis on my ability to work significant hours and made it a point to make clear to me that his was not a 9 to 5 job so obviously I was asked in various ways about my ability to put in long days/weeks?

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Obviously in the heat of trying to get the job I told them I was use to long hours and would put in the time necessary. Menos


When will you be available to start?

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I can start in two weeks, I'll need to give a two week notice to my current employer, Menos

Tradebulls Securities

Why you want to join tradebulls

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want to work with the fastest growing company like Tradebulls it help me make my future as well Menos

Liberty Mutual Insurance

Will I work 12 hour days during catastrophe storms?

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All the questions were ver straight forward. The interviewer was VP of the sales.


All situational about past experiences


We don't usually hire outside hires like you, what makes you so special?


Name a time when you providing excellent customer service?

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