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Azercell Telecom
Pergunta feita para Senior Communications Specialist...30 de abril de 2018

Where do I see myself after few years?

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As higher as possible.

In your place

Nestlé Purina U.S.

Asking for salary requirements before having an actual interview. It is next to impossible to know what someone should be paid until the job is clearly defined.

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I would answer that I expect to be pair fair market value for the position I'm filling. Menos

It's on the job application. There is no way around it.

Sealed Air Corporation

Why are you looking for a new job?

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What is your target salary?

Lexmark International

How my experience would specifically relate to the position applied for, and whether it would transfer well in the new role.

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I explained the skills were transferable as the approach would be the same but with a different audience. Menos

Howard Hughes Medical Institute

How would you feel about working for an organization that doesn't have a clear strategy or direction?

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I would say it's an opportunity to help the company create a strategy and direction. Without a strategy or company values employees can't get behind what is being asked of them. It's important to communicate where the organization is headed in order to effectively create a strong culture. Menos

Progress Energy

What would some of your former bosses say are your weaknesses?

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My biggest weakness would be overly responsible and need to deligate back more. I sometimes own more of a job than I should. In an implementation environment, my skills at times, overlapped and I would step in. Menos

University of Calgary

What was a project you worked on that you are proud of, and why?

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I described a project that I managed and that had a successful outcome.

Mitchell Martin

What is your background in the JD?

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Over 15 years working with fortune 100 companies on enterprise communications projects. Menos

Karyopharm Therapeutics

What would be your social media plan coming into this position?

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I told them I had a chance to look at their social media platforms before the interview. I let them know areas they are doing great in and areas where they can improve in and what my strategies would be to meet this potential. Menos

Combined Insurance

I wasn't asked any structured questions beyond tell me about your experience.

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I ran through the resume, and highlighted my experience that is commensurate with the position for which i was applying. Menos

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